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Custom Software

We specialize in modern software stack software development, with emphasis on flexibility, scalability, and maintainability. Utilizing an agile approach, Tactical Trust is a leader in crafting an innovative User Experience and configurable business intelligence (both BRMS and Workflow/Case Management).

Data Visualization

Our clients require business functionality, but do not always realize the power of their data. This power is often only appreciated when it is visualized. Tactical Trust brings specialization in promoting this mindset, demonstrating this power with software and incorporating into our clients applications.


Yesterday, the web. Today, mobile devices. Tomorrow, holograms. We bring our passion and technology to address all types of user agents and access patterns.


We can't always build something from scratch. Often, we provide our expertise to help on struggling systems that need rescue, whether it be in terms of stability, scalability, or future architectural recommendations.

Our Philosophy


Technology is relentless and humans forever innovate. This great strength challenges those who manage technology. We pride ourselves on bringing the right combination of innovation, technical expertise, and leadership to architecture and application endeavors. Our greatest compliment is to be "brought in, sight unseen" - reputation is all we have. Our stamina and experience is unmatched; we deliver for our clients.

Build it, Sell it, make America faster and stronger. We constantly look for opportunities and partners for product creation. We want to create the next big thing. Or help you achieve the same.

Our network is Elite. As with you, we only work with those we trust. To court the best engineers, we support C2C, 1099, and W2 arrangements. We have worked with the best and can tap into our network of over-achieving professionals to help our clients.

Centers of Excellence

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Recent News

Tactical Trust, a teaming partner on the T4 contract vehicle, is proud to announce the award of additional work for "VBMS Awards Development and Operational Support Services (DOSS)" to the prime and our team.

- Gregory Bohmer.

Tactical Trust is proud to announce the award of support services to a premier software product company.

- Gregory Bohmer.

Tactical Trust, a teaming partner on the VRM contract vehicle, is proud to announce the award of "Enrollment Systems (ES) Sustainment" to the prime and our team.

- Gregory Bohmer.


Gregory Bohmer   President
  • Founder and Entrepreneur
  • Primary Business Development
  • Multiple C* Level Experience
  • Healthcare/Intel/Entertainment
Gregory Bohmer   Lead Consultant
  • Respected Software Engineer
  • Modern Software Stack
  • Mathematics, Virginia Tech
  • Masters (CS), Loyola
Pamela Campos   Executive Assistant
  • Human Resources
  • Finance, Marymount
  • Timesheets
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
SPECIAL CONSULTANT Rich Bohmer   Public Safety
  • Retired Motorola Executive
  • Expansive Network in Public Safety
  • Early Pioneer in Wireless
  • Consultant to Multiple Companies


43300-116 Southern Walk Plaza
Suite 609
Broadlands, VA 20148
United States

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